Robert Speer (1823-1894) Abraham Scott Speer (1814-1892) Alexander “Captain” Speer (1811-1892) William Speer (1818-1899) John Stuart Speer (1817-1890) 107 descendants of Robert “Robin” Speer (1735-1813) gathered on 8 September 1887 at the 4th Annual SPEER reunion near Cassel's station. Lower Marsh Creek Presbyterian Church pencil drawing by John Sullivan.  This is near the gravestones of Robert “Robin” Speer (1735-1813).
Read & Sign the "Bring Forth the SPEER" Guestbook.

#60 | 18-Nov-13, 20:46, EST | Samantha Maclean
Hello! I am looking for Scottish/Irish speer/speirs from the same area as comment #15. How do we connect?

#59 | 20-Oct-13, 22:42, EDT | Margaret
Hi Speers
I went to New Concord last week and see the Crooked Creek site looks well kept. I have spent time looking at the maternal links this year and see Proudfit, Patterson and Forsythe so if anyone needs this information please post - researched and registered as of October 5, 2013

#58 | 28-Jul-13, 15:42, EDT | Carolyn Speer Schmidt
My name is Carolyn Speer Schmidt. I am an 8th generation descendant of Robert Speer and Jane Stuart. I am a 4th or 5th generation Kansan. I have a sister Katie Speer and a brother Fred Speer.

#57 | 11-Jun-13, 13:38, EDT | Destine FOrsyth Schaefer
thanks for your great pics of crooked creek cemetery , my ancestors, the Forsyths are buried there and my film was left in rental car back in 1999!Any forsyths that married Speers?

#56 | 02-Jun-12, 15:58, EDT | Elmer "Al" Speer
Please be careful in "choosing" a crest. I have found in my research that there are certain legalities to using a crest. They were legally given in Scotland and England and only the families to whom they were assigned can use them.
Thanks see you in Gettysburg.

#55 | 11-May-12, 19:55, EDT | Teresa Jacobson
Greetings! My grandfather was Roy Hilliard Speer youngest brother to Zetta Samantha Speer Decker. Many of Roy's children are still living and he has MANY grandchildren. I have done some research into great grandparents and more but would love to connect some dots. Thank you for this site!

#54 | 06-Mar-12, 21:06, EST | David C Ralston
Hello, the most recent information about some of the doings planned for the 30 June 2012 SPEER reunion is that Lynn & Gary Linn will be presenting information about the SPEER family history that they have extensively researched during their travels. Following their presentation other attendees may do some "show and tell". A noon lunch will be served and then those staying at the Liberty Mountain Resort may take a shuttle to the cemetery for the PM ceremony. Returning back to the resort there will be a dinner followed by a presentation by a local history buff about the early settlement times for Robert SPEER. A cost for the lunch and dinner is expected to be in the range of $10 and $25 respectively.

#53 | 15-Feb-12, 14:19, EST | George D. Speer Sr.
Hello Speer Cousins!
I would like to add all of the descendents to the Speer Family Digital Archive; as seen at
Also take a look at our Speer Family DNA results.
George Speer

#52 | 13-Jan-12, 14:14, EST | William Cox
Hello, everyone. My third great-grandfather John McMahon was Elizabeth Duplessis McMahon Speer's father, and how I wish I had known about Elizabeth and John Speer when I was growing up in Kansas.

#51 | 06-Jan-12, 01:16, EST | Margaret Hunt-Hinkle
This will be the first time I am able to go to the reunion. I am saving up to buy plane tickets. Hugh 'Mac' side - Sarah was my grandmother.
Peggy from California

#50 | 05-Jan-12, 20:51, EST | Carla Speer-McCall
Hi, my fathers name was Carl W. Speer from Yadkin N.C. I am from Elwood Ind, and now living in Noblesville Ind. I'm looking for relatives of George, Ruth or Betty Speer, my fathers siblings

#49 | 20-Oct-11, 11:25, EST | George Speer Jr
Hey everyone my grandfather is james speer he was born from what i was told in arkasas he has two brothers he and one brother have passed i was just couriose about my family name it is not common around where i live in tn thanks.

#48 | 25-Sep-11, 23:13, EDT | Forry
Hi cousins

#47 | 30-Jul-11, 19:25, EDT | David C Ralston
We have made initial reunion arrangements for June 28-30, 2012 at the Liberty Mountain Resort in Carroll Valley (near Gettysburg, PA), Penn. We are coordinating with Bobby & Cate Speer. Send email address if you wish to be kept informed.

#46 | 24-Jul-11, 17:19, EDT | judy robinson
My grand father was the grandson of John Speer, His father was George Speer and his father was John Speer who was married to Elizabeth Steelman. They made the trip from the Cumberlands Ky to Arkansas leaving a brother Joseph behind. Joseph had a wife with last name Crabtree.

#45 | 21-Jun-11, 05:26, EDT | Margaret Hunt-Hinkle
Hi I am granddaughter to Sarah Speer (granddaughter to Robert Speer) My father Robert Speer Hunt pasted this year and left me with photographs including our family at the farm with the s bridge in the background. New Concord Ohio as stop to underground rail.

#44 | 10-Feb-11, 21:56, EST | Dennis Terry Speer
I appologize for typos in previous message sent using Droid phone I am getting used to. Thx.

#43 | 10-Feb-11, 21:47, EST | Dennis Terry Speer
Hello cousins! Just located site and very happy to find everyone. My Grandfather is Terry Burdette Speer, He lived on the farm that the reunion was held in 1898.
My Grandmother Gladys Steele Speer left info to me that might help some. Grandma sent info about family via mail and I have much of that paperwork. The "Brothers" picture was on the wall at Grandma as far back as I can remember. I will be in touch more now I know where to find "The Family". I would really like to attend events at Gettysburg and possibly my Son and Grandsons.

#42 | 30-Sep-10, 16:26, EDT | loren w speer ll
Hello family,currently seeking family history,I am grandson of George C Speer in NY.I would love to talk to some one.

#41 | 30-Aug-10, 21:32, EDT | Amy Speer
Speer family from Miami County Ohio. This is my husbands family. I believe that their roots go back around Hazard County,Kentucky

#40 | 23-Jul-10, 16:22, EDT | Greg Spears
I tracked family back to Andrew Speer Sr that was born in Ireland in 1670. Surry County NC to Cumberland County KY where several Speer(s)/Spears still reside. I currently live in the northern part of TN.

#39 | 11-Jul-10, 11:36, EDT | HOMER A. SPEER, JR. (1931)
Hi there Speers...We live in Beaverton,Ore. My Father was Homer Alexander Speer (1880-1961) My Grand Pa was Alexander Speer Jr. (1856-1933) GrandPa came to Oregon in about 1900 with his wife and three children and we all have been here since then.
I have a huge family history and would like to find another Speer in western Oregon to share it with...My phone Number is 503-646-2083.

#38 | 11-Jul-10, 10:41, EDT | Kathy Roopani-Mallinger
My great,great,greatgrandmother was Cathrine Heyde, Married To Emanuel Hoover,her mother was Deborah Siddens how do we relate?

#37 | 10-Jul-10, 21:10, EDT | HOMER A. SPEER,JR (1931)
Hi there.. My father was Homer A. Speer (1880) He came to portland,Oregon with his dad Alexander Speer (1856) in about 1900.
The first Speer in our history was Robert (Robin) (1735)
I have all kinds of old pictures and documents I would love to share. Anyone out there in the area interested?

#36 | 18-Apr-10, 15:43, EDT | Jim Decker
My Grand Mother was a Speer, Zetta Smantha Speer who married my Grand Father Leonidus Decker the moved to Redmond Washingron, We lived in Dodge City Kansas during my youth which was during ther 40's, 50's and 60's and their were several of our Speer family still there. Herb Speer and if my memory is still good I think there was Alvin and Minerd (He and Eula had 12 chidren)who lived next door to each other.

#35 | 18-Dec-09, 19:11, EST | Dylan SPEER
hey family!!! i'm only 14 but i want to know more about hopefully my grandfather Alber Speer. I'm not sure if he related to me but i want to know. PLease help me find his tree. Thanks

#34 | 10-Dec-09, 01:37, EST | Gretchen Speer
Hello. My father is William Arthur Speer III. His father, William Arthur Speer II of course, resided in Hugo, Oklahoma. I am interested in finding more background information too. My Dad's father did not have a relationship with him, therefore we do not have much on the history.

#33 | 19-Oct-09, 13:51, EDT | Kimberley Speer Miller
Hi everyone! I am even more confused! I thought I came from the German line out of Speers Ferry,Virginia. I might it seems be from the scottish branch. Funny is I am already Scottish from my mothers side of family. I have no brothers so I can not do the D.N.A. test. Can any one give me any suggestions? I am from Oregon and there are very few with the surname Speer. I am related to most of them. Any help is appreciated!

#32 | 15-Oct-09, 23:45, EDT | Denise Riley-Loughlin
I am the ggggggrandaughter of Robert speer and Jane stuart both from Ireland buried in Adams county Pa. This is a awesome site look forward to meeting everyone in 2013- Will bring the rest of the speer's family!!!!!!

#31 | 15-Oct-09, 17:21, EDT | John
This is for sure my family line, my line is from Stuart Speer's son William Speer anyone else from that line of the family?

#30 | 30-Aug-09, 22:42, EDT | Carla Case-Flynn
My father was a Speer from Yadkin, NC. I live in Montecito, CA. Thanks for putting the site together, we have some very interesting history.

#29 | 12-Jul-09, 20:47, EDT | Sarah Speer
I am related to Robert Speer the DAR patriot for a long time we had searched for a Revolutionary link for the Speer family. Thanks to Gordon Speer (we are related) he sent me a picture of the site. My family settled in Mercer County Illinois. My brothers are still farmers in Ohio Grove Township Mercer County where my great-grand Walter, my grand father Ernest and my dad Walter Stanley were farmers. My Mother was a Fuller and related to Dr. Samuel Fuller who was a passenger on the Mayflower. Thanks for the website and I really would like to attend the reunion in 2013.

#28 | 05-Jul-09, 22:45, EDT | Kimberley Speer Miller
Hi. My name is Kimberley Speer Miller from Portland, OR.

##27 | 05-Jul-09, 02:37, EDT | JMB1
Plz contact my girlfriend who is a Speer.
She is Kimberley Speer Miller from Portland OR.
Thanks, her friend, Jan

#26 | 16-Jun-09, 23:19, EDT | Brad Speer
I have seen part of my family tree and most of it was German. My Great-Grandfather settled in North Vernon, Indiana. We understood that part of the Speers left Germany for Scotland. My cousin traced part of the history in Germany, but ran into all kinds of road blocks due to Albert Speer and the trouble he caused. Have you traced the history past Scotland to Germany?

#25 | 28-May-09, 11:10, EST | Sondra Speer
born : bitburg germany
mother : Martina E Speer
dont know who my father is, and i'm trying to learn more about my family history, apparently i'm part scottish. dont know to much about my history, i hope to learn more though.

#24 | 28-May-09, 11:10, EST | Sondra Speer
Great Site! I am the great, great, great graddaughter of John Speer of Lawrence, Kansas. He was a deciding factor in Kansas remaining a non-slave state. It was his authoring of the Speer Defy and his being the owner/editor of the Lawrence newspaper at that time that put him on Quantrill's death list - 2 of his 3 son's lost their lives during the raid. I kept my name when I got married - Always proud to be a Speer! Thanks again for this site.

#23 | 26-May-09, 12:30, EST | MARTY SPEER

#22 | 04-Mar-09, 15:26, EST | H A.Arsenault, PhD
Bob! Wonderful website and besides being well done, it shows you have done a lot of homework.
Harry & Nancy

#21 | 28-Feb-09, 20:24, EST | Shirley Speer
My grandfather was Easter Earl Speer from Arkansas. looking for information.

#20 | 29-Jan-09, 19:10, EST | Sheri Owens
I have been researching all 4 lines in my family, one being Speer.My mothers maiden name is Speer. I have followed back this line to a Andrew Speer 1590 Scotland. I am wondering could we be in the same line?

#19 | 10-Jan-09, 14:56, EST | David Speer
Hi cousins! It's always fun to meet and find out about family.
I have been to the cemetery where Robert and Jane Speer are buried. It's nice that a local church keeps the cemetery so well maintained.
I look foward to getting a chance to me you in 2013!

#18 | 05-Jan-09, 04:05, EST | Zandra Speer Pendleton
Great website!! My grandfather was also George Speer. Here in California "Speer" is a very uncommon name. I'd love to learn more. Apparently TV's Batman, Adam West, is also related to the Speer Family. We've actually talked a bit about the Speer Family.

#17 | 07-Dec-08, 23:04, EST | Sharon Sims
Wondering if my husband's Speer family from Mercer County, Illinois is related to yours, his also came via Robert Speer born ca 1783 Newberry, SC - married Margaret McClure ca 1804, had 4 known children; Anna, John, Jesse, & Mary. This family migrated from SC to Shelby & Miami Counties in Ohio to Indiana to Mercer County, Illinois. Apparently they were Quaker. Does this line up anywhere with your line? Thanks

#16 | 12-Aug-08, 23:14, EST | Don Speer
I am a Speer, but from my understanding i am a decendent from the german speer family. Please help me to find out my family tree.

#15 | 07-Jul-08, 12:01, EST | Kim Speer
Hello...I am from the Speer family in and around Tara, Chesley and Hanover in Ontario, Canada. I have always believed that my Speer heritage is Irish. Is there the possibility that we are all connected? Great website!!

#14 | 21-Jun-08, 12:51, EST | connie speer
My gggrandfather is richard speer,Im surfing for info ,thanks.good site

#13 | 17-May-08, 05:09, EST | J Speer
I am a Speer, descendent of Asier Speer. How do I find out if I am related to any of you?

#12 | 18-Apr-08, 20:31, EST | vickie hoffman
very nice good job good luck

#11 | 11-Apr-08, 07:04, EST | Elmer Merl Speer III
Just found your site would like to check it out more. Thank You
Elmer 'Al' Speer

#10 | 09-Apr-08, 00:44, EST | arthur speer
alan and adam are my brothers they told me to look this up so we have one brother to log on now come on tony

#9 | 31-Mar-08, 19:25, EST | Adam R. Speer
this is one of the three brothers alan r. speer mentioned in his message. as alan stated, we were told that we were of german nationality so this is quite interesting. keep me informed.

#8 | 30-Mar-08, 22:26, EST | Alan R. Speer
I love this site and look forward to meeting all of you in a few years. Hopefully I can get my three brothers to come as well. My family always told us we where German so the Scotland background is very interesting.

#7 | 26-Feb-08, 21:27, EST | Julia Speer Munson
Hello third cousin once removed. My father's grandfather was William Scott Speer, brother to Alexander. Dad's father (Newton) would be Stewart's cousin and Algemon my dad, Frederic's, second cousin. I would be third cousin to your father, Robert - making us third coousins once removed!

#6 | 23-Jan-08, 18:44, EST | Matt Speer
Like another writer, I also am primarily of German descent - or so I have always been told.

#5 | 10-Jan-08, 14:21, EST | Gretchen
Hello fellow SPEERs! I get the impression many are from Scotland, but I believe my family tree is from Germany. I guess it's worth looking into where my heritage really lies.

#4 | 17-Sep-07, 12:48, EST | Greg Speer
Hope to verify Robert and James were brothers.

#3 | 12-Sep-07, 00:06, EST | George Speer
Hi, Cousin just wanted to take a look. Looks Great!!!
Keep up the good work.
George Speer

#2 | 22-Aug-07, 22:23, EST | David Ralston
An interesting Speer web site. Keep it up. Good luck in expanding the SPEER communication.

#1 | 05-Aug-07, 12:22, EST | Cate
Hello there! Won't you be the first SPEER to sign the guestbook? Thanks!
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