Robert Speer (1823-1894) Abraham Scott Speer (1814-1892) Alexander “Captain” Speer (1811-1892) William Speer (1818-1899) John Stuart Speer (1817-1890) 107 descendants of Robert “Robin” Speer (1735-1813) gathered on 8 September 1887 at the 4th Annual SPEER reunion near Cassel's station. Lower Marsh Creek Presbyterian Church pencil drawing by John Sullivan.  This is near the gravestones of Robert “Robin” Speer (1735-1813).
The descendants of Robert Speer held their fourth annual reunion.
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12 Sept 1898
A most enjoyable Event Which Occurred Last Thursday
At the Homestead of the Late Judge Speer Near Cassel's Station - Dinner in the Big Old-Fashioned Barn.

The descendants of Robert Speer held their fourth annual reunion at the homestead of the late Judge Stuart Speer, near Cassel's station, on Thursday September 8th. The friends began to arrive early at the old barn and continued to come until the great old structure, built seventy years ago, was completely filled with a merry company.

It was not long until order was procured and the old barn floor was cleaned up. Long tables were arranged around the old threshing floor and were soon groaning under the great load of good things which had been provided for the inner man's refreshment.

There were gathered around the table 107 of the descendants of Robert Speer. They ranged in age from the pioneer of 92 years down to the little tot of the fourth generation. At noon all were seated around the table and the blessing of Almighty God was invoked by a minister.

The business of satisfying over 100 appetites was then proceeded with.

After the repast the assembly was called to order by the president, Rev. John Speer, the oldest father present. Robert Speer of New Concord, made remarks giving reminiscences of the pioneer settlement.

Rev. McFarlin and Rev. Droaken both made addresses, dwelling upon the sterling character of the pioneer, in establishing the civil and Christian character of the settlement. The remarks were frequently interspersed with appropriate stories of the nativity of the Speers.

Stuart Speer made an address setting forth the religious influence stamped upon the descendants of the family by the firmness of the pioneers for the principles of honor, truthfulness and frankness, and also the patriotic devotion and love for their country which led so many of their grandchildren to go to the defence of our country in it's hour of danger.

By request in well trained remarks he presented a gold headed cane to his Uncle William, a gift from his son-in-law, Joseph Welch, of Iowa. The recipient of the cane is 80 years of age.

Rev. John S. Speer made an address upon the genealogy of the Speer family.

Letters were read from the following relatives unable to be present: Robert B. Speer, of Sunbeam, Ill; Dr. Mitchel, of Topeka, Kas.; Miss Ella Speer, of Kansas, and others.

There were present Mrs. James Welch, of Iowa; Mrs. McGriffin, of Chicago, and Mathew Speer, of Superior, Neb.

The officers elected for the ensuing year were Rev. John S. Speer, president; Mark Speer, secretary; Ella Robb, treasurer.

The time and place for the next meeting will be at the call of the president.

Resolutions of thanks were adopted for the hospitality of the host, William Speer, and his good wife.

The reunion closed with prayer by Rev. Duncan.
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