Robert Speer (1823-1894) Abraham Scott Speer (1814-1892) Alexander “Captain” Speer (1811-1892) William Speer (1818-1899) John Stuart Speer (1817-1890) 107 descendants of Robert “Robin” Speer (1735-1813) gathered on 8 September 1887 at the 4th Annual SPEER reunion near Cassel's station. Lower Marsh Creek Presbyterian Church pencil drawing by John Sullivan.  This is near the gravestones of Robert “Robin” Speer (1735-1813).

Bring Forth the SPEER! Psalm 35:3

30 July 2018 - Monday
Fly from US

31 July 2018 - Tuesday
8am Land EDI - Edinburgh
Pick up Cars "Linn" & "Speer"
5 hour drive to Strathern (along the way) & Inverness
Hotel in Inverness

1 August 2018 - Wednesday
10am - 3 hour Ferry to Kirkwall
1330 Kirkwall Cathedral
Hotel in Kirkwall

2 August 2018 - Thursday
Ralsay Cottage
Same Hotel in Kirkwall

3 August 2018 - Friday
Drop off car "Speer" at Kirkwall Aiport
Morn - Fly to Shetland
Visit Murder Stone
Hotel in Shetland

Group Linn
Group Speer
Fly back to Kirkwall
Hotel in Kirkwall
Hotel in Shetland
4 August 2018 - Saturday
Archeological Dig
Hotel in Kirkwall
4 August 2018 - Saturday
Fly to Edinburgh
10:30pm Military Tattoo
Hotel in Edinburgh
5 August 2018 - Sunday
Archeological Dig
Hotel in Kirkwall
5 August 2018 - Sunday
9am fly out of EDI

6 August 2018 - Monday
Drop off car "Linn" in Kirkwall?
Fly to Edinburgh?
7pm Military Tattoo
Hotel in Edinburgh

7 August 2018 - Tuesday
am fly out of EDI

26 March 2017
We're heading to Scotland in 2018.

1 December 2012
Videos of our June 2012 SPEER Gathering honoring Robert & Jane Speer.
We are still working on DVD copies and will make them available ASAP.
Please don't hesitate to contact Cate if you have any additions/corrections/deletions.

  SPEER Slideshow 1 Lynne Linn
  SPEER Slideshow 2 Lynne Linn
  SPEER Slideshow 3 Lynne Linn & Anne Speer Neill Presentation
  SPEER Cemetary Dedication 1
  SPEER Cemetary Dedication 2
  SPEER Church & Music 1
  SPEER Church & Music 2
  SPEER Tim Smith 1
  SPEER Tim Smith 2
  SPEER Tim Smith 3
  SPEER Tim Smith 4
  SPEER Tim Smith 5 Last Song The End

3 September 2012
The honor roll for support of perpetural care of Lower Marsh Creek Cemetery.

  Debbie & Ed Carpenter  
  Homer & Nancy Speer  
  Tom M & Gloria Speer  
  Larry Speer  
  Lynne & Gary Linn  
  Tom B Speer  
  Cate Speer  
  Allie & Ed Speer  
  Dave K Speer  
  Bobby Speer  

29-30 June 2012
    SPEER Family gathering honoring Robert & Jane SPEER & decendants.
    Gettysburg Times Photos
    Cate's Photos on Picasa

19 May 2012
THE SPEER MINT =======================================================================
ISSUE No. 19 May 2012

Hello from Fairfax,Virginia.

This issue of the Speer Mint is a little different than usual. It is shorter and includes less Speer family information.

This is a reminder of the Speer Family reunion being planned for June 30th, 2012. The reunion/gathering is being arranged to be held in the Gettysburg, Pennsylvania area; at the Liberty Mountain Resort & Conference Center in Carroll Valley. A block of rooms have been reserved for attendees for Thursday night June 28th, Friday night June 29 and Saturday night June 30. To receive the group discount attendees need to phone the Resort (717.642.8282) prior to May 28th and ask for the Group: SPEER. Rooms may be available later but not included in the block reserved.

The “program” being planned includes a Saturday morning presentation on the Speer family lineage--Scotland to New Concord, Ohio. A noon luncheon and an afternoon dedication of grave headstones for the immigrant SPEER’s, Robert and Jane. An evening diner will be followed by a talk about the times and lives of the early settlers in the Gettysburg area. This sequence of activities has been slightly reordered since the last Issue.

Time will be available to attendees on Saturday morning and evening for an ad hoc SPEER family show of DVD content portraying SPEER ancestors and family. Those planning to share such a presentation should bring their lap-top computer for connecting to a digital projector (which will be available). Also, attendees who may have SPEER family documents or artifacts they wish to display for others to see should feel free to bring them. We suggest these be limited in volume due to time constraints.

We are suggesting that attendees whom have VCR and/or DVD recorders bring them and plan to record the “formal” sessions and be prepared to make copies for distribution to others who may wish to have copies. Tripod use is recommended.

We will be happy to receive suggestions for additions or changes in the planned schedule. Call by phone (703-978-9636), mail or e-mail at .

We are looking forward to seeing close relatives and also some distant ones--some for the first time.

Margaret Speer Ralston and David Ralston

PS, if you notice an addressee not on the mail distribution list but that you think has an interest in the Reunion/gathering, please feel free to forward/sent them the information.

PSS: Please send an e-mail message to us if you are planning to attend and provide your ancestral lineage from Robert Speer (immigrant) to yourself. This will allow us to display upon your arrival where you fit in and help each other connect.

5 February 2011
Click here for David Ralston's 18th edition of "The SPEER Mint" detailing information for the SPEER gathering 28 June - 1 July 2012.
Reserve your room at Ski Liberty.

22 August 2010
We're currently planning a Speer gathering 28-30 June 2012 in Adams County, PA.

Contact us if you would like to help. We still need to discuss & decide:

• Tours of the church   • Pipe band
• T-shirt   • Big meal
• Flags   • Newspaper
• Hire an event planner?   • Police - direct traffic
• Cater the meal - where?   • Presentation about the cemetary
• Brief Speer history   • Military service recognition
• Select a preferred Tartan   • Planning for money
• Existing Stones will remain    
• Small flat memorial containing information
• Commemorative coin - one side - "Bring Forth The Speer"
  - other side - "Adams Country, PA - 1813-2013"
• Codori Monuments, Gettysburg - approved for work in this cemetery - they possess professional rubbings of the information on the existing stones
• Gil Pringle - owner of the access land, keen on the whole plan
• Publish an article in the 'Adams Country Historical Society' journal
• What are your suggestions for additional tasks?

Summer 2007
Ever since I found the original Speer grave site in Adams County PA just an hour north and west of my home in Baltimore, I have enjoyed visiting. I was struck by the name of my name sake, Robert Speer (1735-1813), on the monument to Revolutionary War soldiers just inside the gate. I found the three grave stones under the hickory tree. The grave stones are aged from 1813 and difficult to read. I began thinking about this as an issue. Then came the idea of a Speer Gathering for the bicentenary of the burials. This is how it started.

You will notice that the major gathering is planned for June of 2012. We realize this is one year too early. The reason for this early date is that during the summer of 2013, the whole town of Gettysburg will be totally commited to the 150th anniversary of the battle of the same name making it impossible for us to engage living quarters any time that summer.

Let us set a pre-gathering in June of 2011 in Gettysburg. It is proposed to include an article in the Journal of the Adams Country Historical Society, of which many of us are members.

We will ask the help of the local police for parking and traffic assistance. We will contact the local newspaper. We will invite the pastor of the Lower Marsh Creek Presbyterian church to participate in a ceremony of rededication. Bagpipers and drummers will perform. Perhaps we should have little Scotland flags to carry. Perhaps we should strike a commemorative coin. This will be especially exciting for all the Little Speers.

We propose to have a gathering, meal and celebration, perhaps at the Lutheran Seminary across the street from the Historical Society, or perhaps at the Bible Conference Center at the crossroads of the old property, Pumping Station at Bullfrog or at a place to be determined.

We will need several experts for the following: First and most important, someone to engage the apporpriate number of motel rooms with a lead time of approximately 18 months. Strike the coin. Prepare the military honor role. Arrange the principle meal at the appropriate place. Publish a small invitation booklet. Publish a program for the ceremony. Publish a more permanent book after the gathering. Prepare genealogies and family stories. Make a presentation about the ecology of the cemetery site and the surrounding area. Host a ceilidh (a traditional Gaelic social gathering) with home grown entertainment. Kilts and military uniforms appropriate.

Hopefully hundreds of Speers will Come Forth for this Gathering. It is a once in 200 year opportunity. We look forward to your thoughts and participation.

Bring Forth the Speer!

Robert Hazlett (Bobby) Speer, Jr. (1939)
son of Robert Hazlett Speer (1909-1992)
grandson of Algernon Hazlett Speer (1875-1963)
great-grandson of Stewart "Stuart" Speer (1843-1925)
great-great-grandson of Alexander "Captain" Speer (1811-1892)
     - the man in the middle of the photo on the top right of this page
great-great-great-grandson of Stuart "Judge" Speer (1783-1850)
     - the father of the 5 brothers in the photo on the top right of this page
great-great-great-great-grandson of Robert "Robin" Speer (1735-1813)
     - the owner of 1 of the 3 gravestones we will rededicate
great-great-great-great-great-grandson of Thomas Speer (1679-1782)
great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson of Robert Speer (1650-1743)
great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson of John Speer (1623-1705)
great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson of Thomas Speer (Lowlands of Scotland?-1636)

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